The art of professional consultant team

Let the customer's life becomes a kind of Art

Art Collection House is best arts consultant for Show Flat, Restaurant, Clubhouse and Hotel. Art Collection House supply and wholesale picture frames, we wholesale over 4,000 types Art Prints. All publish in USA by Famous World Wide Artist. Our highest quality custom-sized professional picture frames. Each frame is cut to your specified size and delivery to you disassembled. We have been dedicated to manufacturing and selling the best products at very low prices with service second to none.

ARTISTS QUALITY FRAMING -- Fast turnaround at prices you need on quality framing and/or matting. We custom design mats or execute your designs on our computerized mat cutter. Fancy cuts and multiple openings for art and objects such as arrowheads, feathers, etc. are a specialty. Expert shipment to you or direct to your customer or gallery.

FRAMING -- Special framing services for your company or institution. Attractive display and protection for important collections of photos and art. Any size designer frames. Mats with multiple openings for staff photos, etc. cut with computer precision. We assist you from design to hanging. Security hangers provide out-of-sight theft prevention.

We will be happy to come to your home or office to assist you with your custom designs. Hundreds of pre-framed wall art pieces are also available.